OK, so I have a question. Is it acceptable to talk a farmer down on his price of beans at the farmer’s market? I mean, I know that the farmers work hard and don’t make enough money as it is, but really, these beans had clearly suffered from all the rain we’ve had lately. It was late in the day and they had a whole box of them wilting in the sun. I had to really dig just to get the bright pink color you see there on top. I just didn’t think they were worth $3 / lb. The woman behind the stand made the mistake of saying that they were $2.50, but she just wouldn’t come down from what she thought was the real price. Then, they acted pissed when I held them to it. Am I wrong? Anyway, the beans look good, the pods are just a little tepid.

Now I don’t know what to do with them. They were labeled “shell beans” but after searching on wikipedia I found out that they are borlotti beans. Apparently they are big in Indian and Italian cuisine. If you have a recipe let me know!

I’m excited because my mom sent me a box of goodies which included Martha Hall Foose’s Screen Doors and Sweet Tea and Cornbread Nation 1. She’s lucky she caught me before I bought them myself. Can’t wait to dig into these!