We just got back from a weekend in Maine (which is why you haven’t heard from me in a few days). Our friends have been building a house on a lake up there for a few years and we absolutely love visiting them. We go to the nearest town and catch a movie at the drive-in, buy some jam and pickles at the farmer’s market, and stock up at Reny’s, Maine’s favorite department store. Then we hit the water; we go sailing, kayaking, and canoing. To make it even better our host cooks a mean pulled pork, so we ate some delicious Southern barbecue.

We lucked out this year and caught the end of blueberry season. Usually all the berries are gone by mid-August, but they were abundant this weekend. My husband and I got in the canoe and picked berries along the shore from the boat. Maine blueberries are much different from the blueberries you find everywhere else. These are tiny dark blue little nuggets of sweetness. People kept talking about them when I moved here and I have to say I was dubious when I finally laid eyes on them. But they are truly delicious, especially when baked into a pie or mixed into ice cream. Since I thought we’d miss the season I had a friend bring me some when she was visiting family. Well, she brought me 3 quart bags full for my freezer, so now I have tons of these beauties! What to do with them?